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  • 09/29/2022 3:00 PM
    4616 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO 80526


New Funding Approaches to Starting and Growing Small Businesses


Educational Program

Motivated Money is an approach to raising capital created by Karl Dakin. This approach focuses on rasing money from 'stakeholders' that stand to gain from the success of an organization without making an investment. These investor candidates have a greater motivation to make an investment because they stand to attain two benefits - a return on investment and whatever other benefit that may result.

Karl Dakin presents an educational program on raising capital - Motivated Money Bootcamp. The ten-week, 20-hour program is presented once each calendar quarter.

Price per Organization (three representatives per Organization): $2,500

Program Content

The program will include 10 Workshops on the following topics:

  •  Workshop 1  – Managing a Capital Campaign
  •  Workshop 2 – Identification of Investor Candidates
  • Workshop 3 – Determining Your Capital Needs
  • Workshop 4 – Strategizing Your Offering
  • Workshop 5 – Planning the Capital Campaign
  • Workshop 6 – Getting Ready to Receive Capital
  • Workshop 7 – Telling Your Story
  • Workshop 8 – Promoting Your Offering
  • Workshop 9 – Closing and Investment
  • Workshop 10 – Implementing Your Plan

Program Deliverables

Each Attendee of the Motivated Money Bootcamp will receive:

  • 20 hours of interactive training
  • 10 Workbooks
  • Slide decks and video recordings of each Workshop
  • 4 one-half hour consultations with Karl Dakin
  • Several capital campaign templates and samples


If you are interested in attending the next presentation of the Motivated Money Bootcamp, starting October 12 and runnign through December 14, please click on the button below and provide the requested information.

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