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New Funding Approaches to Starting and Growing Small Businesses

Entrepreneur Pro will present Motivated Money Bootcamp with Karl Dakin to Train Entrepreneurs How to Raise Capital

09/12/2022 2:46 PM | Anonymous

Centennial, CO, September 12, 2022. Entrepreneur Pro LLC will present the Fall 2022 session of the Motivated Money Bootcamp to train entrepreneurs on raising capital. The ten-week, 20-hour series of workshops starts on October 12 and ends on December 14. Attendees will be trained in a process that greatly improves the likelihood of success in conducting a capital campaign. Success is achieved by identification and pitching to stakeholders – people and organizations that stand to benefit from the success of the entrepreneur before making any investment.

Capital is needed for entrepreneurs to bring innovative products and services to market. The Motivated Money approach recognizes that entrepreneurs do not have an unlimited amount of time and money to conduct a capital campaign. Overemphasis on raising capital distracts the company from generating sales and places the company at risk of failure.

“Commonly, entrepreneurs will pitch their offering to anyone with money. However, statistics show that angel investors fund less than 2% of the deals that they see. This gross rate of failure shows that entrepreneurs need to focus their capital campaign on investor candidates with the greatest motivation to make an investment decision in favor of their organization,” said Karl Dakin, Executive Director of the Capital Innovation & Technology Institute and the author and instructor of the Motivated Money Bootcamp. Knowledge gained by working with hundreds of capital campaigns shows that the most motivated investor candidates are ‘stakeholders’ – vendors/suppliers, resellers, local communities, government programs, common causes, and customers. Stakeholders may gain monetary and non-monetary benefits which when combined with an ROI on their investment makes them most motivated.

Attendees of the Motivated Money Bootcamp will be presented with an eight-step process that they can implement in the design, staging and conduct of their capital campaigns. Training will also include management and implementation of a capital campaign plan. Each workshop will include a workbook with multiple lessons, learning points, examples, exercises, discussions, and templates. An organization may include up to three people with a single registration. Each registrant will also receive four one-half hour consultations with Karl Dakin on their capital campaign plans.

The Motivated Money Bootcamp is priced at $2,500.

More information on the Motivated Money Bootcamp and an application to attend is available at:


Information will also be presented on the Motivated Money approach to raising capital at the upcoming FoundedinFoCo and other entrepreneur events. Entrepreneur Pro is also producing the Motivated Money Podcasts – a series of weekly interviews of entrepreneurs, their capital campaigns, and the implementation of the Motivated Money approach to raising capital.

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