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New Funding Approaches to Starting and Growing Small Businesses

A Blueprint for Pandemic Relief for Small Businesses

04/02/2020 1:15 PM | Anonymous



The pandemic has hit everyone hard. Can you ride out the storm and re-emerge to thrive again at the end of it?

There are still many unknowns that will affect your next move. Companies will have to remain closed until the pandemic peaks. After the virus peaks, there will be a slow re-opening of public venues. But there will still be no vaccine for at least a year and social distancing will continue to be the best defense against infection for the next year or two. It may mean that you have to limit the density of your restaurant or office. Foot traffic will likely be down, and you may have to re-think your sources of revenue. Perhaps take-out and delivery become dominant? We have already heard of examples where restaurants can deliver wine to customers, thus somewhat offsetting loss of revenue from dining rooms being closed.

So, besides surviving your current cash flow crunch, you will need money to fund your recovery. If you are changing business models, then you will need to get different resources. You may have to train brand-new staff. You may need to invest in additional marketing.

The current situation is a moving target and will require sound advice and a nimble response.

To that end, we partnered with The Capital Innovation & Technology Institute to develop The Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit. This kit provides you with the resources and advice to survive and recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Karl Dakin established The Capital Innovation & Technology Institute LLC. Its goal is to research, develop, and deploy innovative funding models to aid small businesses in raising funds. Karl Dakin is an expert in raising capital for small businesses. With 41 years of experience in starting, advising, leading, and funding new companies, he is on-demand as an author, speaker, and instructor on entrepreneur topics.

The Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit includes:

·        Step-by-step walkthroughs for filling out loan application forms

·        Free counselors to provide advice

·        Best practices to increase the chance of success

·        Templates for fundraising presentations

·        Case studies

·        Interactive Q&A

·        A complete printable guide

·        An intelligent bot that answers your questions

·        A virtual reality meeting room to meet with counselors in real-time

·        Automatic updates as conditions change

This Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit currently focuses on money available from the Small Business Administration. However, we will be adding additional resources as time goes on. We anticipate that there will be 70 funds available shortly.

A one-year subscription to The Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit is now available for Santé readers for the special price of $100. Sign up here. Additional discounts are available for industry associations. Please email Karl Dakin at kdakin@dakincapital.com for details.

About the Author

Emiliano De Laurentiis


Emiliano is an education and publishing entrpreneur. He founded iSanté in 2004 and built it to being successful on its own terms, separate from the print magazine from which it originated. In recent years Santé (print) and iSanté came together as one entity and is now Santé Food.Wine.Spirits.

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